Tubeless kit za krpanje EXTEND WORMIFIX

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Kvalitetan EXTEND kit za tubeless popravke.

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High quality tubeless repair kit allows repair even tires are not possible repair with the sealant only without neccessity remove the tire from the rim. In case of big hole in the tire surface, put the repairing stripe with the correct size (2 sizes available in the set) into the hole, which is covered with the original Extend glue. Stripe will vulcanize, enlarge the volume and fill the hole. Sealant inside of the tire, helps cover possible leaks, if any.

• 5 x repairing stripe 3,5 mm
• 5 x repairing stripe 1,5 mm
• 1 x original Extend glue 5 ml
• 1 x cleaning needle
• 1 x aplicator
• manual
• measurement: 12 x 3,5 x 2 cm
• weight: 51,3 g

This set is not suitable for repairing of tires used for cars and motorbikes !!



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