22,56  (169,98 kn)

Kvalitetna EXTEND torbica za montažu na okvir bicikla s pretincem za pametni telefon do veličine 6,6”.

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Suitable for various bicycle types
Universal length of Velcro for various bicycle frame types
After matching and adjusting the bag on the top tube, the suction cups on the bottom of the bag have to be moistened and pressed against the frame for better stability of the bag
Afterwards the Velcro fasten, which holds the bag underneath the upper frame tube in the front, is shortened as required (WARNING: Cut the hook part)
The color of the material fits in trendy fashion and is universal for all color combinations of frames
The bag has a full-body reinforcement, which gives it a perfect look even for empty content
The upper part of the bag is fastened to the magnet. Transparent foil protects your phone from humidity and possible rain
The elastic material that forms the phone section under the transparent part, always perfectly presses the phone to the foil for smooth touch control
The size of the phone section is sufficient for all commonly available phones up to 6,6 inches (16.76 cm)
The green lining inside the bag with the E logo and the Extend logotype makes it easier and more transparent to handle the contents of the bag
Separate zipper section for documents and small items. Reflective logo E for passive safety increase and better rider visibility

Dimensions: 20x6x10cm



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